If your thoughts or feelings are holding you back from success, let's talk.

My Approach

Do you want more joy? Do you want to experience more fulfillment? Do you want to really understand why you are here on this earth? I will quickly guide you to an inner knowing of your unique gifts and talents… New choices for living into who you really are will become visible during your time with me. 

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With a wide range of tools at my command, I will find the right approach to help you remove blocks to your success thrown up by a lifetime of subconscious and unconscious programming.

Intuitive Life Guidance

Employ any of the methods I provide to gain a broader perspective of the events in your life holding you back

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Mediumship / Readings

Receive messages from the soul plane that your guardian angels, loved ones, or spirit guides are trying to send you

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Past Life Regression

Recall and learn from those past life experiences which are still affecting you in this lifetime

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Self Hypnosis Training

Understand the benefits of hypnosis and the outcomes that can be achieved by re-writing your own belief system

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Use Kinesthetic muscle testing to find subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you and rewrite them with new beliefs

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Use Theta healing to rewrite some of the subconscious programs that are not helping you to create the life you truly desire

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Dissolve energy blockages and facilitate abundant health and wellness so that the body can naturally heal itself

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