Spoonbending in Glastonbury, U.K.

Spoonbending in Glastonbury, U.K. January 26/27, 2019 Live Magically! This class will not only teach you that your thoughts become your reality but allow you to prove it to yourself. Nothing is more convincing! When you actually feel the metal of a spoon soften in your hands and become pliable to being bent “during [...]

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Creating the Relationship You Want

Change through Choice: Choosing to Create the Relationship you Want Please enjoy part of my chapter in The Change Book Series: You met your soul mate and things were perfect; but now it’s been a while. You find yourself wishing that your relationship could be better. You have fantasies of [...]

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The Progenitors Want Us to Know

Progenitors Want Us to Know About Unconditional Love We are their children, they love us unconditionally and they bring us back to them after our life experiences here on this planet. We are the combinations of attributes that they couldn’t obtain by their pure mixes, they are so enjoying our diversity and the [...]

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Shift Happens Interviews

Listen to the Interviews I’ve been interviewed several times now on the radio show Shift Happens, hosted by Jeff Pilsner and Ana Bokstrom. We’ve spoken about the work that I do with Hemi-sync, Life Coaching and my Psychic Counselling services. You can listen to the interviews by clicking on the links below: http://shifthappensnow.ca/shows/psychic-life-coaching-beth-haley/ [...]

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Monroe Institute Meditation Workshop

Monroe Institute Meditation Workshop  Two Day Excursion into Expanded States of Consciousness – $349.00 Experience deep relaxation, greater awareness, stress reduction and a whole new level of brain functioning. Participants may experience transcendental states, out-of-body experiences, communication with guides, angels or deceased relatives and some participants have had instant healing experiences occur. The Outreach Program is [...]

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As a certified Life Enhancement Coach, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, THETA Healer and an Outreach Facilitator with The Monroe Institute I have learned many tools which have helped me to transform areas of my life that I felt needed work.

As I began to practice the tools I have learned from my many teachers, I noticed the changes in my reactions to old wounds and hurts that had healed through being able to shift to a new perspective.

My clients have enjoyed results ranging from beneficial changes in their personal lives, healthier relationships with loved ones, emotional triggers have been released, healthy thought patterns have been developed, solutions to sleeping difficulties, an increased ability to connect more clearly with their own intuition, release of phobias and fears, forgiveness related to long held personal issues, women who have had self-esteem issues related to being sexually abused as children have healed their self-destructive patterns and replaced them with healthier patterns and others have created constructive work environment changes as a result of personal sessions with me.

If your thoughts or feelings are holding you back from success, I would be happy to talk with you in order to discover if my coaching style is a fit for your needs!

Call ( 403-973-8124 ) or Email me at beth@bethhaley.com

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