Spoon-Bending Workshop

Spoon-Bending Workshop

Witness the physical manifestation of your focused energy as you learn to effortlessly bend metal spoons along with other participants, in this online virtual event. This feat requires no physical strength and is the ideal way to expand and stretch your energetic manifestation abilities. We'll be using Hemi-Sync audio-supported meditations to help you reach a powerful place for psychokinesis. By using your intention to easily bend metal spoons, you'll better understand your own innate ability to influence time and space, which you can apply to other situations in your life. This course will help you understand just how powerful your thoughts are. Go from believing to actually knowing your own powerful abilities as you connect to your greater energy source. Learn and understand how to use the principles of manifestation to experience the benefits in all aspects of your daily life.


Nov 04 - 05 2023


9:30 am - 5:00 pm



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