Inner Development

Inner Development

What would it be like to know the answers to life’s big questions? Experience this yourself in this empowering workshop. The Inner Development workshop offers you opportunities, tools, and exercises to help find the answers to life’s big questions such as: What is my true purpose in life? What do I need to know at this time? How can I know I am on the “right” path for me? What happens after death? The Hemi-Sync® exercises are designed to enhance your journey along your own personal path. Enjoy free-flow opportunities for personal explorations, open doors to guidance and insights, deepen your experience of life, and take the next steps in understanding the bigger picture. Also included are a variety of Human Plus® Access Channel function codes for releasing limiting patterns, increasing energy, enhancing creativity and intuition, realizing desires, and moving into an inner space of joy and peace.


Sep 28 - 29 2024


Mountain Time
9:30 am - 5:00 pm



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