Healing Development

Healing Development

Learn powerful techniques to focus your subconscious mind in ways that will enhance your physical and non-physical well-being. Develop and enhance your healing skills. Whether you are a professional healer or therapist, an individual dealing with a health challenge, or someone committed to maintaining a high level of health and vitality, this workshop offers you the opportunities, tools, and exercises to improve your healing abilities. Using guided Hemi-Sync® exercises for enhancing physical and nonphysical senses. Enter your heart space—increase and direct energy to heal, improve sleep, and promote physical regeneration. Increase your ability to consciously create what you desire. Learn how to focus your subconscious mind to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Practice using Monroe techniques such as the Access Channel in Focus 11. Learn a variety of “function commands” which you can activate daily, at will, while in waking life. Experience special reverse-engineered audio signals. Developed by Bob Monroe after researching the brainwave patterns of gifted healers, these “Dolphin Energy” frequencies allow you to more easily enter into a brainwave state for enhanced healing ability. Post-workshop results and benefits. Each person selects and practices the workshop tools that best suit his or her own personal, everyday needs. What are your healing goals?


Sep 14 - 15 2024


Mountain Time
9:30 am - 5:00 pm



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