Quick Inner Peace Meditation


Quick Inner Peace Meditation

Take a few moments to Read and Breathe through this quick Inner Peace meditation.

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Breathe IN peace. Create more INNER peace.

One of the practices that I have found most helpful is to slow my thinking processes down through the practice of mindful breathing. By focusing on my breath and how the air feels passing through my nose into my lungs, I can follow an easy meditation path that only takes just a few minutes and allows me to “re-balance” and calm my energy enough to get back to a state of “consciousness” with my self and my environment.  If you want to follow along, I will share the practice with you.

Close your eyes…..Take a deep cleansing breath ….  feel the air flow out of your lungs as you blow out your breath…… Imagine your feet as huge tree trunks …..with the roots fanning out into the ground beneath you……. Now as you breathe in imagine a column of light….. flowing in at the top of your head…….. as you breathe out, follow the light……. as it floods out any darkness, stress or dis- ease……  you can now allow this to flow out of your feet through the roots into the ground……. Keep breathing in the light and allowing the darkness to flow out of you with each exhale…. into the ground through the roots,…… you can even imagine the roots to be a darkness vacuum which is attracting anything within you ……. that is no longer needed or wanted by your system……. Continue breathing in the light…… and breathing out the darkness…… until your whole system feels light, clean and clear…….

I sincerely hope that this quick little meditation is of assistance to you in your quest for inner peace. I look forward to sharing more of this and other meditations with you through this site.