Q&A – Ego Control


Q&A – Ego Control

Beth shares her insights on a reader-submitted question regarding Ego Control.

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Question: How do I not get “tweaked” when someone makes a comment to me that my ego wants to fight with.


Our ego consistently wants to make defensive statements whenever it feels attacked. An ego will only attack another ego. I use the analogy that our body may be covered with wounds from our own ego consistently nattering at us for things our ego thinks we need to improve or change or judges. So when someone makes a comment that our ego has wounded us with many times, it may appear to us that the other person is wounding us again. When in reality, the other person may be attempting to help us to heal the wounds from our own ego’s attack. It is sort of like the sting of an antiseptic being placed on a wound, if we have enough wounds all we feel is the pain, and it is difficult to discern the pain of a wound from the pain of the antiseptic which another may be attempting to use to help us to heal one of the wounds they have noticed on us. Our ego wants to tell us that they are attacking us but in reality the ego is the one who has done the attacking and the other person may merely be offering us some antiseptic to begin to heal the wound.

If we first work on stopping the ego from attacking us and begin the healing process it will be amazing the opportunities which come up for us to be given assistance from others in finding wounds which may still be there and that the ego has hidden from us. In practicing present moment awareness, we are given many opportunities by others to heal wounds which we have become so used to feeling that it isn’t until someone else puts some antiseptic on the old wound that we feel it. Therefore when you get “tweaked” by someone on a raw wound, thank them for giving you the opportunity to heal!