Practicing Forgiveness for Inner Peace


Practicing Forgiveness for Inner Peace

How our Inner Peace is connected to our ability to Forgive and Release.

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If you are ready to let yourself off the hook with regard to any event, no matter what it may be and no matter how long you have held onto it, then you are ready to practice forgiveness, and in turn, discover Inner Peace.

One of the ways I have learned to create Inner Peace for myself is to practice forgiveness on a regular basis. Holding onto the hurts in life is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person, who has hurt us, to die.

We are the one who is keeping us chained to the event that has hurt us. I know, there are many people who have had some pretty “unforgivable” things happen to them and you may be one of them. Please remember that forgiveness does not mean that we are forgetting what happened or saying that it was right in any way. It does mean that we have decided to “unchain” ourselves from the event.

Forgiveness means that you are making a conscious choice to unhook from the energy around the event and move on with your life.

If you are ready to let yourself off the hook with regard to any event no matter what it may be and no matter how long you have held onto it then you are ready to practice forgiveness.

  • Take a deep breath, allow yourself to feel all of the emotions this one last time, allow yourself to fully experience all of the anger, hurt, or whatever pain surrounds the emotion and then allow the out breath to take all of that emotion with it.
  • Send it out to the universal energy recycle depot for safe disposal and allow it to finally leave your body for good. You will be surprised at the benefits your body feels from finally being able to let go of that trapped and stored energy.

You may experience tears, a loud growl, anything that lets you know that you are finally ready to let go of this trapped energy that no longer serves you. My body has actually shuddered a number of times when I have allowed myself to let go of past hurts and surrendered them for the last time.  

  • Whenever thoughts of that come up again, deal honestly with yourself and know that you have truly decided to forgive, let it go, don’t let it keep coming back to hurt you and you will have taught yourself a new way of being in the world.

Did you know that you can only truly feel an emotion for two minutes or less? If you don’t keep re-triggering it, it will go away, so if you are experiencing an emotion you don’t like, breathe, look at a pretty flower or think of something that makes you feel happy, let go of the emotions that you don’t like and eventually they will have no choice but to let go for good.

When this works for you, please let me know.  Tell me about your experiences.  I love hearing your success stories!