MONEY and Inner Peace?


MONEY and Inner Peace?

a guest article by Brenda Kelly, Accountant and Business Mentor

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Why do we give MONEY so much real estate in our personal stories and consciousness?

“Money”. Just the word alone can knock many people out of their zone of inner peace. Isn’t it amazing how much power we give it? We can have little or no money, and yet its power over us can seem enormous. We can have millions stashed away, and yet it can be all we think about with our need to protect it and have more of it.

Why do we give money so much real estate in our personal stories and consciousness?

I think the reason relates to money being at the root of our survival needs. Our very human need to trap and hoard the things that will keep us alive and safe is coded deep within our DNA. With our culture wrapped so tightly around economics, money has erroneously become the fixation for our surviving endeavors. This has caused many people to shift away from their Soul or Higher Self, which is the true key to their surviving.

The thing is many of us get the point of power with money backwards. Rather than understanding that money is simply something to be controlled and managed, many people regard money as a mysterious entity that has a life of its own. Many believe and conduct themselves as if money has a personality and therefore its own power. The fact is, money has no power and the real personality that exists “as our money” is actually us. Our experience with money is a reflection of who we are and the power we bring to it. Not the other way around.

There are fundamental principles that when understood can bring us peace around our view of money. If we apply these principles responsibly, then we can put money in its proper place in our lives and not let it ruin our inner peace. Here are just a few of the key principles worth considering when you are assessing your relationship with money:

  • Money was borne out of the need to make bartering efficient. It is a tool used in the trading of value for value. Therefore, to attract money, you must offer something of value in return. The more value you offer, the more money you will attract. If you are not attracting enough money, then you are not offering enough value.

IMPORTANT TIP: Your attractor factor or your money vibration has everything to do with how you perceive yourself as being valuable. When you have a worthiness problem or you don’t think you are good enough deep within your core, your ability to attract money will be disadvantaged by your internal energies. A clue that you may have a money vibration problem is that you could be working very hard and doing all the right things to attract abundance but you are feeling like you are stuck or out of flow and things are “just not coming together”. Maybe your business is feeling like it is not viable and it’s hard to get customers. Maybe you are being overlooked for career advancements in your place of employment. What you seem to be experiencing is a relatively high degree of energy output with no comparable return in energy investment.

  • Money must be respected. Just like anything, if you kick money around, let it reside in squalor and inattention, and simply don’t bring love to it, it will leave. Give money proper nurturing and it will be healthy and growing while in your care.

IMPORTANT TIP: Your ability to nurture yourself and bring love to yourself has a direct correlation to your ability to nurture and bring love to anything else in your life. If you are constantly “giving everything away”, that’s the energy pattern that money will follow too. Money follows the same energy current as self-love. A clue that you may have a self-love problem that is translating into a money problem is when you are constantly feeling depleted and your bank account is too. Maybe you are burning the candle at both ends. Maybe you are saying “yes” when you should be saying “no”. Maybe you are not exercising enough discipline to do those things that are clearly good for you (for example, exercising, eating healthier or balancing your cheque book).

  • Money must be managed with the right doses of masculine and feminine energy. Strong masculine energy must be injected in the style used to manage money through structure and focus of attention. Planning, budgeting, accounting and organization are all elements of the kind of masculine energy that money needs to have an environment of security and protection. Money responds well to masculine energy. But the human psyche needs to feel the freedom that having money offers and this is where feminine energy comes in. Being able to spontaneously spend is very much a feminine energy trait. In order to be properly balanced between masculine and feminine energy, there needs to be an understanding of how you personally hold masculine and feminine energy within you. The default management style you apply to money is usually an extension of how you hold masculine and feminine energy within yourself. If you consciously choose to apply the masculine energy that money really needs and to build in those elements of feminine energy that will keep your relationship with it in balance, then money will provide a much more peaceful energy than you can imagine.

IMPORTANT TIP: When you are not being true to your natural balance between masculine and feminine energies, then all of your relationships, whether personal or professional, will be impacted by the imbalance. There will be unhealthy behaviors on your part and on the part of those you attract because imbalanced people attract imbalanced people. Money has its own signature when it comes to the masculine-feminine energy balance. Interestingly enough, when money meets an individual with an energy imbalance, it will feel like it too has become imbalanced. A clue that you may have a masculine-feminine energy imbalance that is translating into your money imbalances is when your financial records are in chaos, you have not balanced your cheque book in months, and you spend money frivolously without really understanding your financial picture. Conversely, you could be too tight with money, not generous when it is the right thing to do and you are becoming reclusive because you fear spending money.

Restoring your sense of personal power around money is by far one of the most freeing endeavors anyone could undertake. It is the basis for moving into a life of freedom and inner peace, whatever you define that to be. Realistically the work around your relating to money oftentimes requires trans formative change, which is about delving into and amending your personal energies. Changing the way you think and act around anything requires awakening into a new way of being.

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This is where a coach or mentor is helpful. Not only will a coach or mentor help you alter your thinking, they can help you learn new skills and ways of being. They will also help you unlearn the habits and behavior patterns that are counterproductive to the new way being. Most importantly, a good coach or mentor will help you to be true to who you are. This is the key to a joyful life!

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