Inner Peace: Recognize. Thank. Repeat.


Inner Peace: Recognize. Thank. Repeat.

Recognizing the little moments of joy and showing gratitude, often leads to more little moments to be grateful for!

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Inner Peace, those quiet moments where everything in our world seems to be working perfectly. How do I go about getting more of them? That is a subject which I have been able to explore with MANY clients and also several dear friends in my years of spiritual coaching.

Inner Peace can come from the strangest… and teeeeeniest… of places!¬† It can come from a smile sent our way by a stranger, just in the perfect moment, or it can come from an inner knowing that we have everything we need in this specific moment. It can come when the traffic light turns green in perfect harmony with the speed limit and traffic seems to flow effortlessly ahead of you allowing you a smooth start to your day. Taking joy in and being in gratitude for these little moments of daily Inner Peace seem to help set the stage for more of these little moments. As we turn our attention to finding those things which give us joy, more seem to appear. Set your intentions of looking for and finding one brief moment in Joy in your life today, no matter how small or insignificant and say a little prayer of gratitude when you find one. Then look for another and do it again. See how this little practice changes your day, your week or your month. One day, one hour or one minute at a time, whatever it takes to feel the sensation of Inner Peace for just a few seconds and then see what you can do to increase these moments. Take time to still your thoughts, close your eyes, turn your lips up into the biggest smile you can imagine and then ask yourself, is there anything I need in this moment to make me feel happy and peaceful inside? You may be surprised at the answer!