Inner Peace and the Self


Inner Peace and the Self

A reflection on and re-sharing of an article titled "Inner Peace", written and shared in my very first Newsletter, circa 2011.

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This article is one that I ran in my very first newsletter, well over 10 years ago.  I thought it was appropriate to share again, as it is even more important now to find a place within our own mind which is a safe refuge from all of the daily chaos going on around us. Finding Inner Peace is also important to opening your consciousness so that you are able to experience an increased level of choice, as well as just BE-ing a happy person!

Inner Peace

Peace is something which has been coming up quite a bit for me lately. Do you get going so fast sometimes that you do not stop to appreciate the one person who has the ultimate effect on your life? The person who appears in the mirror every morning. We all get so many messages from the media, others and even that incessant internal dialogue which runs its story line for us every day about what isn’t so great about us, or about our life that we forget about being our own best friend.

How often do we stop and take inventory of what we are doing right in the world? How often do we appreciate our good points? Take just a few moments and thank yourself for one good thing about you, one thing you did right today, one person who smiled because of you, one shift you made in making your world become a world you want to be part of.

Take the time to thank yourself and be in gratitude for one (or more) of your good qualities. If you do this you will create a moment of Inner Peace for yourself. Then watch how things around you begin to change!

You are unique in all the world, no one else has exactly your thoughts, exactly your experiences and no one else has lived life in exactly the way you have. One step each of us can take to widen our circle of compassion is to learn to embrace who we are today.

We are part of the beauty of nature. When we create a space for us to feel happier about who we are, the rest of the world can enjoy the feeling of peace we create in that one moment of appreciation.

One Human BE ing in all the universe.
In Joy!

Beth Haley