A “PollyAnna” Kind of Inner Peace


A “PollyAnna” Kind of Inner Peace

A little optimism goes a long way...

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Pol·ly·an·na /ˌpälēˈanə/


an excessively cheerful or optimistic person.

Example. "What I am saying makes me sound like some aging Pollyanna who just wants to pretend that all is sweetness and light".

My Response? "Well, of course it does!"

One of the things I have done recently and which I feel contributes to my own inner peace is to make a decision to view things that happen in my world with the intention of loving the event. I know that seems a little “Polly-Anna” to say the least with some of the events which happen in life; but there is a point to this particular exercise. If we view our life as part of the journey of our soul and our soul does not die, we have eternity to experience everything we can. In that context, each event adds to who we are in a way that only experience can. Even what can be considered by us as a negative experience can be looked at by the soul as just experience, no polarity needed. There is something profound in looking at the experiences of life this way. When we take our judgment of the event out of the equation, we are often left with a gift; an unexpected one, that is within the experience. That gift only reveals itself to us though when we take our judgments out of the equation. This removal of judgment allows us to have a new perspective and this new perspective is what is often needed in order to find the gift in the experience. Inner Peace happens when we learn to take the polarity off of the events in our lives and see them for what they are to the soul. Gifts of Experience.