A Diddy About Reflection for Inner Peace


A Diddy About Reflection for Inner Peace

A short blog-like note about finding the space and time to properly reflect.

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Although we all may choose to reflect on our day differently, doing so is of the utmost importance to developing our inner peace.

Inner Peace, how can one find such a thing in a world which seems to be filled with all kinds of reasons and events which can create DRAMA! Some people seem to thrive on the Drama of their lives and others are disturbed by it. I have the fortune of having a large family and lots of friends and the opportunities to experience drama in life can be numerous at times. I am finding that I can either allow myself to get taken away by the dramas of life or re-frame them to become an opportunity to grow. In my efforts to re-frame some of the drama which occurs around me from time to time, I have been creating a quiet place for me to retreat to. If you are one of the people who also likes a quiet place to retreat to once in a while, I have been creating such a space in my own bathroom. It is such a delicious feeling to have a space where I can go and soak in a bath tub filled with salt water, a space that is beautifully organized. The feeling of the warm water and the soft glow of candles as I allow the stress of the day to soak out of me is a wonderful way I have found to create inner peace for myself. During this alone time, I am able to look at the daily events in a more peaceful environment and that sense of peace allows me to look at stressful events or drama from a perspective which can be lacking in the moment. Taking a deep breath instead of instantly responding can provide the same moment of peace in an intense situation. Tools like taking a deep breath or finding a moment of quiet somewhere inside our own thinking process to be able to slow down for just a moment are so useful in being able to think before we act or re-act. That moment or two of being able to process in a peaceful manner can be the difference between an action of love or an action of fear. Having a quiet place to soak in “inner peace” is such an important part of managing a busy life.