The mind forgets but the body remembers

Who is Beth?

A life long learner, Beth’s multidisciplinary approach to wellness began as a quest for self-healing and personal transformation. Book learning was fine, but it wasn’t until she began attending experiential classes over the course of her journey that she combined her own knowledge with what she was learning, and started to put these into practice.

The result?  Powerful changes. Reactions to old wounds and hurts shifted. Beth no longer felt like a victim of life.

And in 2007, Beth began sharing her own experience and knowledge professionally, assisting others to find answers and healing of their own.

The Mission

Entrepreneur, coach, mentor, wife, mother and grandmother, Beth says…

“My approach to coaching is a nurturing one. I focus on assisting clients with a sense of well-being, self-empowerment and healing of long standing wounds”.


certified life
enhancement coach

psych-k facilitator

theta healer

monroe institute
outreach trainer

Clients Have Experienced...

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