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A skilled facilitator and coach, Beth Haley guides clients just like you to tap into their innate healing energies.  As these energies begin to kick in, individuals gain the courage to shine a light on past emotional hurts and learn new mechanisms to cope.

Beth performs this work with clients as a Certified Life Enhancement Coach, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, THETA Healer and an Outreach Facilitator with The Monroe Institute.

Heal. Thrive. Change Your Life.

Life is just a movie that our consciousness is creating for our own growth and entertainment.

You are the director.

- Beth Haley

Workshops & Events

create the change within

Guidance Toward Your
Inner Knowing

Intuitive & intelligent coaching

With a wide range of tools and modalities at my command, my job is to discover the right approach for you.  We will work together to remove the blocks to your success thrown up by a lifetime of subconscious and unconscious programming.

Let's uncover new choices for living into who you really are

Life Guidance

Employ any/all methods to gain a broader perspective of the events in your life that may be holding you back

Mediumship / Psychic

Receive messages from the soul plane that your guardian angels, loved ones, or spirit guides are trying to send you

Past Life

Recall, reflect and learn from those past life experiences which are still affecting you in this lifetime

Self Hypnosis

Understand the benefits of hypnosis and the outcomes achieved by re-writing your own belief system

PSYCH-K Sessions

Use Kinesthetic muscle testing to find subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you and rewrite them with new beliefs

Theta Healing

Use Theta healing to rewrite some of the subconscious programs that are not helping you to create the life you truly desire

Energy Healing

Dissolve energy blockages and facilitate abundant health and wellness so that the body can naturally heal itself

Other Modalities

With 15+ years experience as a multi-disciplinary student & teacher, Beth has an innate ability to combine practices for custom & effective healing.

Customer Reviews

Jason Bell

Beth has the incredible ability to allow us to take a step back and see our lives from a bigger picture. Her intuitive sense has helped to bring out the best in me. Beth’s caring nature and passion to improve the lives of others is truly a breath of fresh air.

Allan Marston

I have hired a few coaches over the last dozen years but none have been as good as Beth Haley. Her insights and ability to see what I could not see astounded me. Beth has been an amazing help not only with her coaching but also through her workshops. I would say to anyone who is looking to turn their lives around or get that little extra edge in their businesses or personal lives, then hire a coach. But not just any coach. Hire the Best – Beth Haley!

Tamarya W.

I held the spoon in one hand on the way home in the car and it bent some more. I was not even intending, or paying attention, fascinating!! Although I do not think it should become a regular driving activity… lol

Amanda R.

Please let me know if you are going to have another session. I think you know already, but I am grateful for the extra energy you gave me on Saturday. Thank you. I did experience a release and my heart has been much less heavy.


During the workshop I found myself very focused on Dr. Joe’s material and the order in which it was presented. I believe a momentum of successive sub-conscious repatternings must have been in the works. During meditation I had a joyful emotional purge, as if something left me? Since then I have been having some very vivid lucid states, astral travels and pronounced clairaudient conversations that I have NEVER had before, wow! Thanks for bringing this to Canada Beth!

Ashleigh W.

You are a rare person …to have insight, graciousness, wisdom, and all without any ego and ill intention. You are an anomaly and I hope you continue what you are doing.

Kayla Hendley

I went to see Beth when I was feeling my worst! Her wisdom is astounding and she always seems to know what to say to help you through whatever you are going through. She has this magical ability to give you whatever you need for guidance to move forward. She is an Encyclopedia of Knowledge and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lovette Pushak

I had a short session with Beth this morning and I have to say it was a great experience. Beth is very good at what she does and very authentic. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck or needing guidance. Thank you very much Beth!

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

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