Where does our Consciousness go while we Sleep?

I have thought about this a lot and I have also experienced a few interesting “dreams” “OBE’s” or “knowings” whichever term one might use. They all seem to me to come into the same realm of where my conscious mind goes when it is not entirely focused on the here and now. This may help to define where our Consciousness goes when we are sleeping and if you have any memory of your “dreams” they may seem disjointed and they may be like a movie you are participating in. Either way they are a different frame of your own Consciousness. This different frame of Consciousness has been explored by many other Consciousness beings, and many books have been written about the Larger Consciousness System which we are all a part of. So the simple explanation would be that the exploration of the Larger Consciousness system is what seems to happen when I am asleep.

In one particularly interesting experience while in the lab at the Monroe Institute it was as though I was watching a spark fly out of a blackness. I had the thought that this is what a thought from the “all that is” might look like. I observed the consciousness spark for a few moments and then there was a mental shift to a conscious experience of watching myself orchestrate my own construction as an infant while my mother was pregnant with me. I was basically responsible for holding together the atoms of the molecules of the growing fetus which was to house my soul for this incarnation. It occurred to me that there would have been lots of training for how to accomplish this monumental task with much simpler forms of existence. Then I was aware that as the success of my consciousness with holding simpler forms together grew, I was graduated to holding together more complex forms until the point where my consciousness had gained enough knowledge to contemplate holding together the millions upon millions of atoms which are within a human form. If one extrapolates this out to the larger and larger consciousness collectives it would seem that a very experienced consciousness would be needed to understand and hold together Physical Matter Reality (PMR) & Non Physical Matter Reality (NPMR) as one focused unit of consciousness.

In order to be able to bring back data from the realm of NPMR it would seem that one would have to use the experience one has gained in order to make sense of NPMR. This explained to me why there are so many different metaphors about what makes up NPMR. Each of us as Individuated Units of Consciousness have a unique experience database and this unique experience database is what helps us to understand the new experiences. This individual point of view or perspective is why it seems so difficult to put together a single perspective that fits for everyone. It is kind of like the story about 5 blind men feeling an elephant in different places and trying to describe the whole thing from whatever part they are feeling. One is holding the tail and says it is like a rope, another is touching the leg and says no, its like a tree.. they could argue forever about what the elephant is like but none of them has seen the whole thing so they can’t agree. Because each blind man is feeling the elephant in a different spot and getting different data they have a different individual perspective. The larger Consciousness system is so vast that as each of us does our exploration, we see it from our individual perspective and thus it is filtered through our own Consciousness and therefore there are differences in how it can be described.

It seems as though Consciousness holds a mechanism to hold the physical form together and one must have developed enough consciousness in order to obtain this level of existence. With that thought, I wondered how much more experience must be necessary in order to hold together the larger reality systems and the entities which must inhabit that space, it makes sense to me that one must learn to master each level before one could be ready to take on a more complicated form. It is no wonder that it takes so much time to reach a point where one is able to graduate to the next level. There is just so much to learn and understand.

In another experience it was demonstrated that as humans we send out thought sparks similar to that which was sent out in forming “me”. In watching the iridescent “light show” of human thoughts as they race through the cosmos it occurred to me why focus is so important, it is with focus that we can hold our thoughts in place for a long enough time to assist in them manifesting. The intensity of light which is emanated during group focus is much more magnified than the power of most individuals focus. In watching the intensity of a group who held their focus on one thought for an extended period of seconds there was much more attraction of co-existing light which was kind of bundled together to increase the “magnitude” of the light beam which resulted from the groups focused thoughts. In answer to this “thicker more focused light beam” an answering energy emanation was sent out to increase the probability that the intention would manifest. I think consciousness goes into light. I guess that is the short answer based on what metaphors I can relate.

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