What to Eat? …. Consider the Vibration of Food. – by Jackie Rafter, BEd, MBA, RHN, FDN

What to Eat?… Consider The Vibration of Food

If you have ever been on a quest to increase your intuitive capabilities, get healthy, lose weight, feel better or live longer, it’s time to start thinking about the food you eat.

Whatever we put in to our body not only affects our health, but it also affects our thoughts, actions and physiological processes. This is because all food has a “vibration” or frequency.


Healthy Food increases your vibration

Technically, vibration has been measured in numerous ways such as by muscle testing, pendulums (Bovis units), by the energy of bioelectricity (hertz), etc. But the bottom line is that the more “wholesome” the food, the more natural the environment it was produced in and the “higher the intention” was when it was raised, grown, made or packaged, the higher the food will “vibrate”.

Why should you care?

Because optimum health can only be created with optimally vibrating nutrients. This becomes even more interesting when we consider that our thoughts, actions and behavior are usually commensurate with the frequency of nutrients we put into our bodies. When we consider that every system, organ and cell in our body is produced by the food that we eat, we can’t expect a very “highly vibrating” society that was raised on a diet of pop, chips and fast food all created with the intention of mass production and economic gain. The amount of unrest, disease and premature aging in the world today is a testament to this.

So what raises or lowers our cellular ‘frequency’? Here are some basic guidelines:
1. Whole foods that are locally and organically grown and in season have a higher vibration. They also help to reduce hidden stressors from our body and maximize nutrient value so that we actually need LESS of it – and dis-ease has a tougher time hanging around!
2. Avoid genetically modified, microwaved foods. These have had the “life force” stripped from them and can actually toxify our body, harm our DNA and contribute to unwanted weight gain.
3. Anything processed or packaged (junk food), refined (white flout/rice), hydrogenated (margarine, vegetable shortening), containing chemical additives or food preservatives (interferes with hormone production), low quality supplements (negative benefit) or artificial sweeteners (neurological damage) all have a very low frequency. Many of these products also raise “xenoestrogens” which have been linked to reproductive cancers in women as well as the femininization of the male population.
4. Eating too much, eating “on the run” or eating when emotionally upset makes it very difficult for us to appreciate what we are consuming and often results in “unconscious eating” which can pack on weight, make us feel sick (because we are “absorbing the emotion” we ate with) and subsequently lower our own vibration. It also increases stress which lowers our immune function.
5. Prescription or over the counter drugs do not only interfere with the health of our bodies (especially our liver), but they immediately have a very acidifying effect on the body.
6. Eating in a quiet and peaceful environment, listening to soothing music, eating in moderation, expressing gratitude for our food or visualizing white light around it and enjoying our meals among wonderful, humorous and happy company all raise our vibration.

When we lower our vibration, our immune system weakens and disease in the form of infections, viruses, fungus and bacteria all find it easier to take residence in our bodies. This, in turn, creates an added toxic load that affects our mind and our emotions as well as on our personality, thinking, decisions, career potential and even spiritual capabilities.

I usually tell my clients that if they are interested in achieving optimum nutrition, that in an ideal world, they should NOT eat anything that wasn’t available 100 years ago. Now although this is a bit optimistic, it will give you a place to start.

So the choice is really up to you… next time you consider where you want to go, what you want to achieve or the kind of life or body you’d like to create, think about the energy that is put in to that food. If we even get 1% of the population paying to the attention of the vibration of their food, we will get HEALTH BREAKING OUT out versus DISEASE BREAKING OUT.. now wouldn’t that be a nice wish for the universe…?J

Jackie Rafter, BEd, MBA, RHN, FDN
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Jackie Rafter is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist who focuses on bridging the gap between nutrition and functional medicine through diagnostic testing and protocols to help you get well and stay well naturally.

Jackie Rafter, BEd, MBA, RHN, FDN
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

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