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Client Testimonials

Beth’s Clients Rave About her Ability to Transform Their Lives


During the workshop i found myself very focused on Dr.Joe’s material and the order in which it was presented. I believe a momentum of successive sub-conscious repatternings must have been in the works. During meditation i had a joyful emotional purge, as if something left me?

Since then i have been having some very vivid lucid states, astral travels and pronounced clairaudient conversations that i have NEVER had before, wow! Thanks for bringing this to Canada Beth!

~Lydia, Calgary



“Beth has the incredible ability to allow us to take a step back and see our lives from a bigger picture. Her intuitive sense has helped to bring out the best in me. Beth’s caring nature and passion to improve the lives of others is truly a breath of fresh air.” 

  –Jayson Bell, Calgary


“I have hired a few coaches over the last dozen years but none have been as good as Beth Haley.

Her insights and ability to see what I could not see astounded me. Beth has been an amazing help not only with her coaching but also through her workshops. I would say to anyone who is looking to turn their lives around or get that little extra edge in their businesses or personal lives, then hire a coach. But not just any coach. Hire the Best – Beth Haley!”

– Allan Marston, Calgary

“You are a rare person …to have insight, graciousness, wisdom, and all without any ego and ill intention. You are an anomaly and I hope you continue what you are doing.

Please let me know if you are going to have another session. I think you know already, but I am grateful for the extra energy you gave me on Saturday. Thank you. I did experience a release and my heart has been much less heavy.

All the best,

ps.  I held the spoon in one hand on the way home in the car and it bent some more. I was not even intending, or paying attention, fascinating!! Although I do not think it should become a regular driving”

 – Hazel  M., Calgary

“Beth, I really enjoy your workshops and will highly recommend them to anyone I can!”

– Joan W., Calgary

“Beth has an amazing insight and awareness and a love that is focused so much on healing and helping.  

Using her extraordinary gifts and deep insight, Beth was able to help me overcome several physical and emotional problems that had plagued me my most of my life.  Beth is a truly a wonderful person and a highly developed healer”.

– David Neustadt, Calgary

“Beth is a very gentle soul and is very strong in the work she does for the Universe and for Humanity.”

“I would like to share with you a bit of my experience with Beth.  First I must let you know I am always continuing my growth, my expansion of life on this planet earth.  Life for me is where both spirit and physical are becoming more balanced.  I continue this growth stage by stage, moment by moment.  In one of my moments I had a wonderful session with Beth – it was the right action, in the right moment within this linear time frame that I live in.

“Have you ever met someone and felt so cared for, so accepted for who you are in that moment that you just felt you were ready to take the next step?  Beth is this and within a perfect present moment in which we resonated with each other, we each had our own intuition tuned to a very high level and I knew that I could safely take my next step with Beth’s help.  Because we were so tuned in she didn’t have to take me back over all of the work I had already accomplished, she didn’t even have to know about “all” that had gone on before.  She sat with me! Right where I was! Right in that very present moment of time and she knew and I knew I was at my next step!  She didn’t concern herself that I should be somewhere different or in another time frame – she was with me exactly where I was.  She knew; and I felt; that I only needed a nudge of confidence to see the next little bit of light to continue onward.  And I did!

“For me, you see – it is important that I don’t have to come session after session, to anyone, to get my steps.  I do my own work in many different ways AND then there are wonderful experiential times that I resonate with someone such as Beth and decide to take my next step into a new stage to gain more knowledge of who I am and where I want to go with her help!  Beth did her part and I did my part and then the session was over and the integration time continues.  The gentleness of Beth and her work shows me I am OK and also that she is OK!  It is very important to me that the one helping me takes care of themselves also.  In that way I can let go of them and continue with my own work.  To me, it is awesome to have this energetic trust between teacher of the present moment and the client.

“This I share with you.  A bit of my experience so you too can test the waters of the next stage of your life!  I also share with you that in my experience, Beth is a very gentle soul and is very strong in the work she does for the Universe and for Humanity. Thank you Beth!”

 – Carolynn D., Calgary

“If you suffer from headaches you need to see Beth.

I suffer from ongoing migraine headaches that can usually be cured with over the counter extra strength headache medications. However, about four or five times a year, I get a headache that cannot be cured by any over the counter or prescription medication. These headaches stop me from being able to read, drive, sleep or carry on a logical conversation. They usually last at least four days. My office is located near Beth’s so I went to see Beth when I got one of my really bad headaches. Within fifteen minutes she made the headache completely go away and it did not come back for several months. I now go to Beth whenever one of these headaches starts and it is always gone after one treatment.”

– Jack G., Calgary

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