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Hemi Sync Meditation On Line

Meditation Mondays with Beth Haley in Calgary

Hemi Sync Meditation – Online via Google Hangouts We meet the First Monday of the month at 5:00pm Mountain time and the Third Wednesday of the month at 11:00am Mountain time. Join Us- Click Here  IMAGINE…over-coming bad habits and negative thought patterns. IMAGINE…re-wiring your mind, raising your I.Q. and cultivating a wealthy mindset IMAGINE…awakening your …

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How Meditation Benefits the Brain

I recently read a very interesting article about how researchers at Yale university have shown how people who meditate on a regular basis can switch off areas of their brain which operate in the “default mode network”, which is linked to largely self-centred thinking. The researchers suggest that by “tuning out” the “me” thoughts, meditators …

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Inner Peace

  Inner Peace is something which has been coming up quite a bit for me lately.   Do you get going so fast sometimes that you do not stop to appreciate the one person who has the ultimate effect on your life? The person who appears in the mirror every morning. We all get so …

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Meditation as Complementary Therapy

  The Hows and Whys of Meditation as Complementary Therapy This article will assist you if you are considering complimentary energy healing sessions as an addition to Traditional Medical treatment for an illness or disease.   As with any profession, there are energy healers who are highly trained, and those who are less highly trained. …

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