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Meditation as Complementary Therapy

  The Hows and Whys of Meditation as Complementary Therapy This article will assist you if you are considering complimentary energy healing sessions as an addition to Traditional Medical treatment for an illness or disease.   As with any profession, there are energy healers who are highly trained, and those who are less highly trained. …

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Why Meditation?

Meditation, a Shortcut to a Happier, More Fulfilled, and Stress-Free Life   Discover a revolutionary technology that lets you experience all the benefits of deep meditation in a matter of minutes, practice will be held every Monday night at Self Connections Bookstore.   If you have never meditated or are just wanting to have an …

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Mental Energy Field and Mindsharing…Literally!

Conjoined Twins that share mental energy. Their beautiful story helps me understand my own gift with mental energy and the subconscious

Feeling Emotions and Hearing Thoughts Through Mental Energy   This unique ability demonstrated by the twins has explained something to me that I have been wondering about for most of my life.   Since I was very young, I have had the ability to feel some of the emotions of loved ones in my life.  …

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Monroe Institute Weekend Meditation Excursion

April Meditation Weekend Workshop Participants

The Monroe Institute 2-Day Meditation Excursion Workshop – I would be happy to hear from you if you would like to host this workshop for your group! Explore your Consciousness: This weekend program is a carefully designed series of meditation exercises using the remarkable Hemi-Sync sound process. Hemi-Sync creates an environment which allows access to …

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