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Jan 11

Hemi Sync Meditation On Line

Hemi Sync Meditation – Online via Google Hangouts We meet the First Monday of the month at 5:00pm Mountain time and the Third Wednesday of the month at 11:00am Mountain time. Join Us- Click Here  IMAGINE…over-coming bad habits and negative thought patterns. IMAGINE…re-wiring your mind, raising your I.Q. and cultivating a wealthy mindset IMAGINE…awakening your …

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Nov 27

How Meditation Benefits the Brain

I recently read a very interesting article about how researchers at Yale university have shown how people who meditate on a regular basis can switch off areas of their brain which operate in the “default mode network”, which is linked to largely self-centred thinking. The researchers suggest that by “tuning out” the “me” thoughts, meditators …

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It was my great pleasure to Host Tom Campbell as he presented his work “My Big Toe” at the University of Calgary in September 2011. Here

is the link to Tom’s YouTube link of the videos from this weekend workshop.

Tom was instrumental in helping Bob Monroe set up his lab in the early days of the Monroe Institute. Tom is a scientist, a physicist, husband, father and grandfather, he is also a remarkable man. Tom will be sharing his work in an experiential program at The Monroe institute.

This brilliant man has written an epic book “My Big TOE” where TOE stands for Theory of Everything.  He has integrated science and philosophy into a unified picture of reality and by reading the three volumes of his work you will allow your mind to open to new possibilities.

“Our purpose is to grow up and become love”
– Thomas Campbell

“The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one.”
? Brooks Atkinson

There are many hours of learning posted here and I encourage you to view the videos with an open mind as the Most Expensive thing one can own is a closed mind.

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