Outreach Excursion Calgary – 13 Weeks

Hemi-Sync Meditation Calgary Weekly Schedule

This will be held Monday Nights for 13 weeks at Self Connection Books.

This class will run from 6:30 pm -9:00 pm Monday Nights for 13 weeks at Self Connection Books NW Store.

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4611 Bowness Road Northwest
Calgary, AB T3B 0B2
(403) 284-1486

This class will include two meditation CD’s with the patented Hemi-Sync technology. The first meditation will be chosen by the group from over 200 titles available.  The second meditation will be a title from the Outreach Weekend Excursion set. Therefore, anyone who completes all 13 evenings will receive a diploma plus a discount voucher for $200.00 credit toward the 6 day Gateway Program taken at the Monroe Institute Virginia Campus.

The Outreach Excursion is a results-oriented program designed to assist in expanding awareness, developing latent dimensions of creative intelligence, discovering a new sense of certainty and purpose, and applying one’s full potential to all areas of life.

Excursion participants learn through taped exercises and group discussions how to achieve Focus 10 (Mind Awake/Body Asleep) and Focus 12 (Expanded Awareness).

The cost for this weekly class will be $20.00 payable to Self Connection Books.

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