Mental Energy Field and Mindsharing…Literally!

Feeling Emotions and Hearing Thoughts Through Mental Energy


Conjoined Twins that share mental energy.  Their beautiful story helps me understand my own gift with mental energy and the subconscious

The Calgary Herald shared this story of twins conjoined at the head who can taste each others food, and see from each others eyes. Within their brains, they share the ability to feel each other’s bodies in specific spots.
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This unique ability demonstrated by the twins has explained something to me that I have been wondering about for most of my life.


Since I was very young, I have had the ability to feel some of the emotions of loved ones in my life.  At times even the emotions of strangers if they were strong enough. When I was younger, I had no way to distinguish which of these emotions I felt were mine, and which were from “outside” of me.


This was very confusing, to say the least.  I have spent a great deal of time and energy learning to distinguish what is my emotion from those emotions that come from others. Through learning to meditate I have learned to control this ability to a great extent and expand upon it. After going to the Monroe Institute and doing the Gateway program, I became a much better Life Coach.  This ability of mine seemed to expand to hearing some of other people’s thoughts as well as feeling some of their emotions.


As I was doing Life Coaching sessions with clients after my week at “Gateway“. I would be discussing issues with a client and I would say something to my client and the client would ask:

“How do you know that?” and I would say… “You told me”.

The client would then say that they had not told me that…


It was terribly confusing at first.  I would hear their voice telling me certain facts, pertinent to whatever “issue” we were discussing.


As this was happening on a regular basis, I began to understand that something else had happened during my Gateway program that was totally unexpected. Somehow, I expanded on my natural ability to feel other’s emotions to be able to “Hear” some thoughts.


The abilities that these twins demonstrate,  to be able to “Tune in” to each other’s brains,  is something that I believe we all possess to one degree or another.

  • The ability to “feel” the energy that is present when we walk into a room, (i.e someone was just having a fight with a co-worker in the kitchen)  Although we might not have heard any words, we can feel the “energy” still vibrating in the room.
  • Meeting someone new and just “knowing” that you are going to become great friends or not.


I believe that each of us is able to connect with others in ways that may seem Mystical. Learning to meditate and gain control of our own mental abilities grants us an even greater possibility to be able to develop this ability that we all possess.


Since we are all connected through the fabric of “the field” of energy within which we all live, with the proper skills and motivation I believe it is possible to do seemingly miraculous things. Energy healers can heal others through their intention and skill just as much as Physicians can heal the physical bodies of patients with broken bones, diseased organs or other physical maladies.


My specialty seems to be working with people’s thoughts and mental energies.  We all have these three components to us:

  • Physical (Body)
  • Mental (Mind)
  • Energetic (Spirit)

It is not possible for a healthy individual to leave one part out of the equation. All three need to function together.  All are important to living a life to our fullest abilities.


With one piece out of alignment, the other two pieces have a difficult time remaining balanced or “Whole”.


I would love to hear from you if you might wish to work on healing some part of your mental energy field.  Leave a comment or email me at

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