Meditation as Complementary Therapy


The Hows and Whys of Meditation as Complementary Therapy

This article will assist you if you are considering complimentary energy healing sessions as an addition to Traditional Medical treatment for an illness or disease.


As with any profession, there are energy healers who are highly trained, and those who are less highly trained. At this time, there are no guaranteed ways to know if the energy healer you have chosen is going to be helpful or not. Furthermore, there really is no concrete way of knowing an experienced energy healer from someone who is just beginning on their journey. You will need to rely on the integrity of the energy healer you have chosen to be honest with you about their experience level.


Someone who has successfully assisted hundreds or thousands of clients vs. someone who rarely practices their modality and has just opened their practice:

Then sometimes you will find an energy healer who may be just beginning on their journey as a healing practitioner. He or she may have a natural ability that outstrips a healer with lots of training, but not as much natural energy flow. Until you develop your own level of discernment, it can be expensive learning who will be helpful and who will not be.


The other factor rests solely in your hands, are you willing to accept the healing?


Someone who has strong doubts can block even the most practiced energy healer. Through the power of their own intention to “not believe” or because of a subconscious agenda to keep an illness, people can block the healing. For instance, someone who is getting extra attention due to poor health may sub-consciously not want to give up the illness. This sub-conscious belief that they are not aware of would also mean that they would have to give up the attention they are receiving when they let go of the illness.


I have personally had the experience of clients who say they are open to the gift of energy healing, only to feel them then slam the energetic door moments after the energy begins to flow into them. The opposite is also true; a strong belief can boost the ability of an energy healer considerably in your favor as you willingly allow the energy to flow to you, and accept it fully.


These steps are very useful in generating reliable and positive energy healing:

  • Energy occurs in the context of the entire person—body, mind, and spirit. The diagnostic and treatment tools of traditional and complementary medicine, high quality nutrition, positive environment, exercise, and psychological and spiritual guidance all may be powerful healing avenues. Please obtain medical attention if needed.
  • Approach healing with unconditional love, defined as love unbounded by the personality of the sender or receiver. This opens the heart, unleashing the most powerful energy from which to do healing, and softens the ego, which can restrict full energy flow.
  • Healing can transcend time/space if one believes this is possible. There is no need to be in the same physical place as the recipient for healing to be effective.
  • It is helpful for both the sender and receiver to affirm that healing can be instant and complete, or can unfold in the best way.
  • Rituals, such as a healing space and doing healing according to a methodology, can be helpful in focusing intent and creating confidence, but are not essential.
  • It is respectful to have consent. If this is not possible then ask permission from your higher self to the receiver’s higher self.
  • While you may focus on a desired outcome, also hold that the energy will result in this outcome or something better, as we do not know what is best.
  • Illness can be present for many sacred purposes including as a teacher, and as an imbalance that is being rebalanced. It has been said that the purpose of prayer is to cure illness but at times the purpose of illness might be to initiate prayer.

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