Latest Adventure to The Monroe Institute

I have just returned from two weeks at the fabulous Monroe Institute in Virginia. I participated in the Lifeline Program and Exploration 27 and have again had experiences which have expanded my consciousness at a level which will be unfolding for some time to come. Last night, I shared a bit about my experiences with some of the participants of the Monday Night Meditation evenings being at Self-Connection Bookstore and I would like to share some of what I learned here too.

It is not only what happens to us in our day to day lives that makes a difference to our own growth as Consciousness beings; it is how we deal with these day to day events that really helps to define who we are. Choosing to look at things as an experience, no attribution of either “Good or Bad” but simply as experience is an excellent tool for taking our Ego out of the equation. Our Ego can be either a valuable ally or a terrible enemy depending on how we have been trained during childhood to feel about ourselves. Our Ego gets involved and suddenly we can’t see the truth of the situation, the Ego wants to slant things through its own lenses of perception and until we learn to understand our own Egoistic triggers and filters we are unable to see with clear vision what is really happening in our own life.

For example, I have learned a lot more about death through the experiences I had at TMI (The Monroe Institute); death is not something which needs to be feared, it is simply a re-boot of our consciousness computer. Death is an opportunity to upgrade our consciousness when we are unable or unwilling to explore other options. However, through learning what I was able to absorb during my experience of the Lifeline program, I have been able to re-boot my consciousness computer without having to go through the experience of death. To me this was a miraculous change and I am still waiting to see how all of this unfolds. I was able to retrieve parts of my being which had been lost due to traumatic events, (none of which I had to re-experience which was great!) I am so grateful to have been able to attend these programs at TMI and it is my pleasure to be able to share these life enhancing experiences with those who find them interesting. These types of experiences are not something that everyone is able to appreciate and for many it is just “too far out-there” to be real. But having had the experiences personally; has shifted me from Doubt to Knowing. There truly is no substitute for having a personal experience of the divine.

These life changing experiences are something that an individual can choose to be open to and in that free will choice; the opportunities seem to present themselves. Once the experience is assimilated into and through the consciousness of an individual, sharing of perception becomes possible and it is in this sharing of experience that I find a great deal of joy. I also find a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that my explorations of my own consciousness can leave a trail for others of like mind to follow, just as I follow the consciousness explorers who have gone before me.

I hope that your journey keeps getting better and better! Love truly does pave the way.

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