Kauai Adventures

Dave and I went on a “Fantasy Island Trip” to the Island of Kauai, which was where the opening Scene of the old TV Show Fantasy Island was actually filmed. We flew over it during our own adventure and this trip truly was an adventure. We took a flight in a helicopter for the first time in my life and all I can say is WOW! We were with friends of ours and this was truly a Bucket List item for both of us ladies! We had a trip on inner tubes down some man made canals and then we went zip-lining.


That was a true “fear-factor” event for me. It was incredible to me how frightened I was about stepping off the platform into the canyon below. When it was first mentioned that we should go, I thought it sounded like fun, then on the bus ride up to the top of the canyon, I could feel the cold claws of fear begin to rise inside me. Suddenly the view didn’t seem as pretty as it had a couple days before when we went up to do the inner tube ride and I could feel the pit of my stomach begin to squeeze ever tighter. When we arrived and they were checking our gear I knew that I had to get it done and get it done before my mind was able to talk me out of it. There was a “bunny line” which we did first and I thought that wasn’t so bad, I can do this and then we walked up to the first “real platform” and as I peered over the edge of the platform to see the drop, my mind went into panic mode. I can’t do this, what if the line breaks, what if my gear snaps from my weight, I don’t want to do this!!! I want off this platform now, and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. Even though my mind knew that I was attached to the zip line cord, there was a huge rush of adrenaline as I contemplated taking that first step off the platform! My breathing was very fast and as I felt the wind blowing up from the canyon floor there was no way that my body wanted to step off into nothing.  Thoughts of how can I get off of here, Fast…. darted through my mind. I countered with thoughts about how much fun I had heard it was to do this and did I really want to give up without even trying?

My mind was shut down to all sounds except the sound of my heart beating in my chest, I saw the leaves blowing on the trees and could feel the wind but couldn’t hear anything except the sound reverberating through my chest, pound-pound-pound. It sounded like it was going to explode right out of my chest and I knew that the longer I stood there contemplating the step the harder it was going to be to take, so I took one final breath and stepped off. The scream that exploded from my indrawn breath was pure panic. Then as my mind realized that my body was not hurtling to the ground and falling it was actually gliding above the canyon……. and the view was spectacular! On the next indrawn breath the scream that escaped was one of pure excitement.

I realized that I had conquered my fear and was actually zipping across the canyon some 2-300 feet below. I will post a video when I can figure out how to do it but for now I hope I have given you enough of the “details” so that you will understand the “Aha”, that I got out of the whole thing.

The level of the fear that I felt in contemplating that step off the platform for the first time was equal to the intensity of the exhilaration I felt upon doing it anyway! I felt such a feeling of exhilaration and joy out of doing something so simple.

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