Journey’s with Hemi-Sync

Live On Purpose With Hemi-Sync Meditation!

Are you living a life of fulfillment and joy? Do you struggle with old patterns and behavior that just doesn’t seem to change no matter how hard you may wish for and want to change?


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to your Higher Self. The self that you know lies within you, if only you could find the magic formula that will release the inner you. You have found an opportunity to explore profound areas of awareness if you are willing to spend a relaxing weekend exploring the inner you.

While listening to Hemi-Sync tapes developed by the world renowned Monroe Institute, you will be introduced to a variety of mental tools and processes which will allow you to experience for yourself a new level of awareness.

Hemi-Sync provides an environment which encourages focused attention while experimenting in these new areas of awareness. Combined with your own intention, this leads to greater ease in expressing more of your Total Self in the all important task of living better and more fully every day.

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