Hemi-Sync Creation Workshop Calgary

Live Magically!

This class will not only tell you that your thoughts become your reality but allow you to prove it to yourself.

Nothing is more convincing!

When you actually feel the metal of a spoon soften in your hands and become pliable to being bent “during the meditations” you can prove to yourself that your thoughts do affect your reality.

Everyone has the ability to harness their thought processes to create a life that they desire. In order to do the creation work we must get past belief blockages which have been installed in our psyche and may operate unseen by us. We see the results of our beliefs but we may not be aware of the beliefs themselves. In order to correct mistaken beliefs, actual experiences with learning the truth about creation will create magic in your life by changing your belief base points.  We form opinions based on our perceptions, when we shift our perceptions or allow the possibility that our perceptions may not be correct; we allow the opportunity to have our mistaken perceptions corrected.

All of us are constantly creating our life with our thoughts and then our actions. Learning techniques to harness the creative power of your thought processes in a constructive manner will produce desired results in your life.

Learn Energy Work Principles To:

  • Illuminate Light Bulbs with Your Own Energy
  • Bend Spoons with Minimal Effort (you do use your hands to bend the metal)
  • Influence Dice

Hemi-Sync Creation Will Teach You How To:

  • Expand Your Manifestation Skills
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Focus Your Intent
  • Accelerate The Law of Attraction

If you would like to host this workshop for your group, please get in touch with me for more details. Depending on how far I would need to travel would stipulate the number of participants required to do the event. The group would learn some wonderful  tools which will enhance creation and manifestation techniques.

You determine the benefits based on how you choose to use this course. Three common applications are; healing, psychokinesis (or telekinesis), and manifestation.

The Hemi-Sync Workshop Includes Principles & Exercises For:

  • The Fundamentals of Manifestation
  • Expanding Your Belief System
  • Amplifying Your Intuition
  • Strengthening Your Own Self-Healing
  • Energy Healing Others
  • Tools to Focus your Intention to Enhance your Goals
  • Explore your Inner Guidance system
  • Techniques to create a life on purpose


Learn To Be A Powerful & Precise Creator Of Your Life

  • Expand Your Manifestation Skills
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Open To Abundance In All Ways

Hemi-Sync Creation is a Unique and Powerful Workshop that Will:

  • Quickly take you into profound whole-brain meditative states using Hemi-Sync®
  • Teach you to open your heart and expand your energy to achieve peak flow states
  • Use simple, yet powerful exercises to demonstrate your true power over the physical world through energy healing and manifestation

If you would like to be part of the next workshop or would like to host a workshop in your town or city please feel free to get in touch with me at beth@bethhaley.com.


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