As a certified Life Enhancement Coach, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, THETA Healer and an Outreach Facilitator with The Monroe Institute I have learned many tools which have helped me to transform areas of my life that I felt needed work. I started my study’s from a place of wanting to solve problems within my own life. As the daughter of a teacher, I have always looked to books when I wanted to learn something new. My love of reading garnered me a great deal of knowledge but it wasn’t until I started taking experiential classes from the many Teachers I have been privileged to learn from that my knowledge was put into practice. As I took course after course and put the learning into practice, powerful changes resulted in my life.

As I began to practice the tools I have learned from my many teachers, I noticed the changes in my reactions to old wounds and hurts that had healed through being able to shift to a new perspective. As these old programs were changed, depression lifted and I no longer felt like a victim of life.  As the effects of my personality changes were showing up in my own life, friends also watched and began asking me for advice about their own life issues. In 2007, with the encouragement of several friends I took my Coaching Certification and I began putting my knowledge to work in assisting clients to find answers of their own.

I take great joy in the positive feedback I get from Clients about the positive shifts that they are able to make in their lives as a result of putting into practice the suggestions I offer them and as they learn to use the tools that I share with them.

As an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, wife, mother and grandmother; my approach to coaching tends to be a nurturing one. My focus is on assisting my clients with a sense of well-being, self-empowerment and healing of long standing wounds. As clients heal from past emotional hurts and learn mechanisms to cope and then flourish, their lives change!

My clients have enjoyed results ranging from beneficial changes in their personal lives, healthier relationships with loved ones, emotional triggers have been released, healthy thought patterns have been developed, solutions to sleeping difficulties, an increased ability to connect more clearly with their own intuition, release of phobias and fears, forgiveness related to long held personal issues, women who have had self-esteem issues related to being sexually abused as children have healed their self-destructive patterns and replaced them with healthier patterns and others have created constructive work environment changes as a result of personal sessions with me.

We all have capabilities and gifts which are as individual as we are and these gifts are valuable when we have the courage to share them. It is my gift to be able to encourage and assist my clients in making the changes in their lives that they want to make so that they are able to share their gifts with the world!

If your thoughts or feelings are holding you back from success, I would be happy to talk with you in order to discover if my coaching style is a fit for your needs!

Call ( 403-973-8124 ) or Email me at

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