Radio Interview on Shift Happens

On May 30 of this year I was lucky enough to do a radio interview with Ana Bokstrom and Jeff Pilsner at Shift Happens Radio.  You can listen to the show below.  I am looking forward to doing more in the future.

You can listen to the interview podcast on their website.

Meditating Monk

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Progenitors want us to know

Progenitors want us to know about Unconditional Love

We are their children, they love us unconditionally and they bring us back to them after our life experiences here on this planet. We are the combinations of attributes that they couldn’t obtain by their pure mixes, they are so enjoying our diversity and the experiences that we all have.  They want us to start helping each other now. The time of kindergartens is over. War is a kindergarten activity, we are meant to grow beyond this type of paradise into a different paradise. They don’t see any activity as negative, just things to grow out of, now we are meant to grow into more loving and caring beings who see each other as family and not as enemy. Who want to assist in each other’s growth patterns and not obstruct them.  Those who cannot or will not grow out of the paradise of war mentality will be migrated to a younger planet and they will begin again until they are ready to grow beyond this type of planetary struggle paradigm.  Earth is ready to move into a lighter density but in order to do so she must shed herself of the heaviest density beings. Many of the lighter density beings are choosing at this time to move to an even lighter density paradigm than earth can provide but the light beings on the planet earth at this time are here to help her shift to her next phase.  Earth is a living entity and we are her children as much as we are the children of the progenitors. We are one entity with Mother Earth as long as we inhabit this paradise.  It is as though we have forgotten we are together in this and the progenitors want us to remember our assignments here at this time.  It is vital to have all of us remember how to support each other even if we can’t agree with each other’s paradigms. Sometimes support is meant more as non interference and not necessarily agreement with the paradigm.

All of the progenitors are gathering those who most closely resemble their original strengths and if more than one third of the abilities match they are imbuing us with more of their pure characteristics.  We are being purified and the other characteristics are being migrated to younger entities. There is a dramatic shift in the children coming onto the planet at this time. They are more pure form of the progenitors and this is intentional. Diversity has reached its maximum benefit and there is a shift to more crystalline forms always.

 It changes “I…llness” into “WE…llness”

We are absorbed into the progenitors on a nightly basis during our sleep cycles and we are being taught nightly about our roles here to assist in the progressions to be able to do more with the abilities that are innate within each of us.  We are being called to be that which we came here to be, some are experiencing dramatic shifts to be other than that they were born as, women are changing roles to be more masculine and may even feel motivated to change gender roles, and the same is true for men, they are feeling the call to become more feminine.  but all is in perfect order with the final shifts that are now underway.  A new management team is being put in charge of the earth school and this team will not allow the same type of behaviors to get out of control as they have in the past. Planetary history is a record of what we are being asked to grow away from. We are all being shown that there is a lighter way to handle something which appears to be a negative to modify it into a positive.  Experience is key for change, one must know that certain experiences no longer resonate with them so that their choice is to do things differently.  It changes “I…llness” into “WE…llness” as a human who is inhabiting the planet at this time, it is imperative to deliberately choose to change your choices away from an I focused paradigm to a WE focused paradigm.

The Warriors on the planet

The Warriors on the planet are here to ensure that the “lighter beings” who are often perceived as weaker but are actually more sensitive are not being run over by the “darker, more dense” beings who are often perceived as stronger. They have been indoctrinated by the war paradigm to believe that this was their role here and they have found out often through the acts they have been ordered to perform that this does not really resonate with who they are inside and this disconnect has caused many cases of post traumatic stress disorder within the warrior beings.  This is truly sad, they have had their role circumvented for the dark and the light must embrace them until they can come back into alignment with their true calling here.  They will know a peace within themselves only when they are aligned with protection of the light vs defense of the dark agenda.  Anything which encourages one race to make another race or religion wrong is the agenda of the dark.  The liver doesn’t judge the heart because they have different functions within the body. Therefore races and religions must not compare their functions to say just because they are different that one is correct and the other is not.

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Monroe Institute Meditation Workshop

Monroe Institute Meditation Workshop 

Two Day Excursion into Expanded States of Consciousness – $349.00

Experience deep relaxation, greater awareness, stress reduction and a whole new level of brain functioning. Participants may experience transcendental states, out-of-body experiences, communication with guides, angels or deceased relatives and some participants have had instant healing experiences occur.

The Outreach Program is a weekend workshop that was designed by The Monroe Institute to introduce people to altered states of consciousness using patented binaural beats and HemiSync® CD’s. The workshop allows participants to become familiar with different states of consciousness, recognize these states and return to them with conscious intent.

HemiSync® makes possible the simultaneous engagement of both hemispheres of the brain.  This is a naturally occurring state but naturally occurs for only a few seconds.  HemiSync® allows participants to hold these states for an extended period of time, this extension allows participants to experience an altered state of consciousness and trains the brain to return to these states with practice.

All participants can expect to experience deeper levels of relaxation, greater awareness, stress reduction, and personal growth.

Participants may also experience transcendental states, out-of-body experiences, communication with guides, angels or deceased relatives and some participants have had instant healing experiences occur.

April 22 & 23,  2017  in Rimbey, Alberta Canada Begins at 9:00 am until 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

This workshop is being held in a Private Residence in Rimbey;  the address will be provided after your registration is received.

Lunch is included both days as well as snacks and tea/coffee/juice.  If you have dietary restrictions, please be sure to notify the Hostess.

April Meditation Weekend Workshop Participants

Explore your Consciousness: This certified Monroe Institute Outreach weekend workshop  program is a carefully designed series of meditation exercises using the remarkable Hemi-Sync sound process. Hemi-Sync creates an environment which allows access to extraordinary states of consciousness with full wakefulness.  Scientific studies have shown that Zen Buddhist monks with decades of meditation practice are able to achieve hemispheric synchronization for about 15 minutes at a time.  With HemiSync anyone can attain hemispheric synchronization within minutes, not years, and learn to hold the subsequent focused levels of consciousness for long periods, eventually without the support of Hemi-Sync. A recent research project in Houston studied math proficiency and found that although left-brain-dominant persons tended to have better than average math skills, the truly exceptional math geniuses were using both hemispheres of the brain, leading researchers to conclude that this may be a key to opening our latent potential.



“One Gateway Voyage alumnus, the head of a Zen Buddhist temple…believes that Gateway students can reach meditation states in a week that took him years of sitting. His temple now uses [Hemi-Sync CD’s] from The Monroe Institute as a training tool.”      -The Wall Street Journal

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The Change Book Series

Please enjoy part of my chapter in The Change Book Series.

Change through Choice:
Choosing to Create the Relationship You Want


483146373You met your soul mate and things were perfect; but now it’s been a while. You find yourself wishing that your relationship could be better. You have fantasies of being in the perfect relationship with your perfect partner, but you don’t know how to get there.


How well does your current relationship measure up to your fantasies?

  • Are you finding yourself in what seems to be a constant battle, bickering and fighting with your partner?
  • Or do you have easy, loving communication with your partner?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses not to be with your partner?
  • Or do you look forward to the end of the day when you get to be with your partner?
  • Do you find yourself imagining what life would be like if you were alone?
  • Or is it impossible to imagine a future without your partner in it?

If your relationship no longer looks like what you hoped it would be, know that you can change your experience by making 3 empowering choices.

Where do you start?108329737

Imagine your perfect relationship.

  • What does that really look like to you? Imagine what your perfect partner is like, what your perfect partner would do, how your perfect partner would treat you.
  • Now, include how you are being with your perfect partner, how you would be around that person, how you would treat that perfect someone.
  • Visualize a clear, moving picture, in color, of what you want to create for yourself and your partner.

Visualizing a clear, moving picture of your perfect relationship helps your subconscious mind to know what you really desire so that it can help you to create just what you want. Your subconscious mind is that part of you that knows when to have your heart beat, when to blink and thousands of other automatic processes. Wouldn’t you like it to help you create a better relationship, too?

Being able to create your perfect relationship requires not only that your perfect partner be perfect for you, but for you to be the perfect partner for that person as well. Unfortunately, perfect is nearly next to impossible for anyone to be. In reality, a great relationship has perfect moments but it is not perfect all the time. It’s not very complicated to create lots of perfect moments. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

There are many components to having, or creating, a great relationship. Having been married now for over thirty five years (to the same partner), I can tell you that there will be many shifts that will happen during the course of your relationship. Many of those shifts will not be smooth, or easy. With the right tools, you can handle the rough patches with a bit of grace, maybe even with joy. I certainly wish I had the information I am about to share sooner. My hope is that you and your relationship will benefit from reading this chapter. If you like what you read, I hope you consider making an appointment with me and allow me the privilege to assist you even further.

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