Oct 30

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Astrological Perspective on Polarity – Guest Blogger

We all know about our sun sign and what it generally offers us characteristically, but do you know about astrological polarity?


avatar astrology with beth haley coachingEvery sign has a polar opposite. For example let’s take PISCES energy. You can be a Pisces sun sign, and even if you are not, you have the energy of Pisces operating in one of the astrological polarity12 sectors of the zodiac chart. Depending on the position of the moon and planets at the time of your birth, you may also have a planet positioned in the sign of Pisces.


People who have a prominent Pisces energy in their chart are often here to learn the lessons of boundaries (Pisces issue) and discernment (the polar opposite energy of Virgo).


Pisces is a water sign, all water signs regulate emotional responses. Pisces people often have abuse issues because they have a hard time with compassion, even for their abuser, they have more compassion than for themselves.  The lesson is about honoring the self first, setting a boundary for your empowerment.  The discernment is necessary to balance the expression of Pisces.  Virgo, the polar opposite, rules information and research. So it’s important to see the facts and then use the intuition and set the boundary.  Ineffectual goodwill is a term often used in the astro-world to describe Pisces as giving to no end, allowing all sorts of behaviors to appease another.


In the process they are often creating a sense of enabling another, consequently their good will is ineffective for the cause.  If you don’t use the energy in a positive way, it will use you to teach you a lesson. You may get abused or used, to take you to that point of suffering where you stand up and say no more, and you learn to set a boundary.


A person with a moon in Pisces would be very sensitive, often disillusioned by emotion, as a psychic sponge may have a difficult time setting boundaries in general.  A more desirable manifestation of this is a person who is highly intuitive, a visionary, an artist, a person with high ideals here to serve humanity in humbleness and faith in the process of life!


If you are a Pisces and feel you are suffering, a martyr, not understanding why you often give away your service or your time?  It has to do with incorporating Virgo energies, incorporating discernment and learning to set boundaries.  Everybody’s chart is different, and this polarity shows us where in life you could benefit from boundaries and discernment. For more insights into your zodiac chart, I would look forward to exploring that with you!




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