Life Enhancement Coach

Live into your highest potential.

With a wide range of tools at my command, I will find the right approach to help you remove blocks to your success thrown up by a lifetime of subconscious and unconscious programming.

Do you want more joy?

Do you want to experience more fulfillment?

Do you want to really understand why you are here on this earth?

I will quickly guide you to an inner knowing of your unique gifts and talents.

New choices for living into who you really are will become visible during your time with me.

As a wife, mother, grandmother and entrepreneur my approach to life coaching tends to be a nurturing one. My focus is on assisting you with your own sense of well-being and healthy state of mind.  I am a certified Life Enhancement Coach, PSYCH-K Facilitator and an Outreach Facilitator with The Monroe Institute.

The Monroe Institute is focused on  expansion of human consciousness, and I really enjoy facilitating the  weekend Outreach Excursion program developed at TMI. (Click Here to learn more about Beth . . .)


A gentle method of re-programming your subconscious belief system, allowing you to flush out old, limiting thought patterns and install new ones that get you excited about life.  Click Here to learn more about PSYCH-K©


Hemi-Sync© weekend workshops grant you access to higher states of consciousness. Learn simple processes that prove how expansive and powerful you are.  Click Here to learn about Hemi-Sync©

THETA Healing

What you think you become – We are truly powerful, amazing Co-Creators. Every area of our lives is a reflection of the thoughts we think, who we are, and what we have created. All you need to do to get a glimpse into your subconscious is look at your life, your relationships, or your day-to-day experiences, and you will see the physical manifestation of your belief systems.


Haley’s Comet Coaching sessions are a nurturing process to guide you to a more supportive way of thinking and interacting with your world. Pick up the phone, and get started today. Your enhanced life awaits you.  

Contact me at 403-973-8124 or email me today.



Beth has amazing insight, awareness and is a highly developed healer.

– David N.

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